Who is spxFI?

Discover SPX.FI: advanced AI-driven trading insights, exclusive strategies, and premium financial planning for sophisticated investors.

Who is spxFI?
spxFI | Who is spxFI?

spxFI (known as SPX Financials or SPX.FI) is a financial trading and advisory service dedicated to taking the headache out of the ultra-complicated financial markets for traders and investors. Driven by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms and a proprietary trained model, spxFI will focus on high-volume opportunities in scalping, combined with momentum plays across different asset classes, while tracking global macro events, geopolitical changes, and central banks' meetings.

The SPX is the ticker symbol for the S&P 500 Index. It is a benchmark index tracking the activity of 500 leading public companies in the United States. Speaking, the S&P 500 is considered one of the single best indicators of the overall equity market health as far as U.S. stock markets are concerned. SPX Financials, through spxFI, takes inspiration from this index and uses its importance and power within the market to render state-of-the-art trading solutions and financial insights. spxFI will allow clients to negotiate expertly within the financial markets while focusing on assets and strategies highly correlated to the S&P 500's complexities.


The main goal of spxFI is to provide professional tools, data, and insights that will allow traders to extract the best results out of their trading decisions—the goal of spxFI is to increase efficiency and profitability. There are levels for ES and also, every day, an update of market sentiment with strategic suggestions for trading. Service is structured for short-term scalping and intermediate-term swing trading, allowing flexibility in different market conditions.

Services Offered

Daily ES Levels

For $49 per month, SPX.FI provides daily ES levels and market sentiment before 9:30 AM Eastern. This service ensures that futures traders are well-prepared for the day's trading activities. It’s important to note that trading futures involves significant risk, and traders are advised to use the provided levels at their discretion. No refunds are offered once the monthly service is purchased.

Futures Scalp Advisor

Priced at $999 per month, this service offers several ES trade triggers daily, where positions are held for very brief periods, sometimes just minutes. This high-intensity service is currently at full capacity, and registration is closed until further notice.

Futures Swing Advisor

At $499 per month, this service uses ES technical analysis and charts to help traders profit from trends over an intermediate-term timeframe, ranging from a few days to weeks. Like the Futures Scalp Advisor, this service is also fully subscribed at present.

Wealth Management

For those with significant assets, SPX.FI offers personal financial planning and advice aimed at retirement. This bespoke service requires an understanding of individual objectives and goals, with a starting fee of $5000 based on account size. It is available exclusively to clients with account values of $5 million USD or more.

Automated Trade

SPX.FI’s automated trading service allows users to connect their trading platforms for automated trades based on back-tested proprietary algorithms. Pricing varies, and this feature is currently in a controlled introduction phase, available only by invitation.

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  • Advanced AI Algorithms: SPX.FI’s use of complex AI models provides a cutting-edge advantage in analyzing market trends and executing trades.
  • Diverse Service Offerings: From daily market updates to wealth management, SPX.FI caters to a wide range of trading needs.
  • Expertise: With 15 years of market experience, including six years in proprietary trading, SPX.FI brings a wealth of knowledge to its clients.
  • Exclusive Access: Services like the Futures Scalp Advisor and Automated Trade offer exclusive access to advanced trading strategies.

Bottom Line

spxFI stands out as a premier financial trading service, blending advanced AI algorithms with deep market expertise. Whether you're looking for daily trading insights, strategic advice, or automated trading solutions, spxFI offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to sophisticated traders and investors.

While the high cost and limited availability of some services may be a drawback, the value provided through cutting-edge technology and experienced guidance makes spxFI a noteworthy option in the financial trading landscape.